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In modern civil engineering, cement is used as the main binder due to its high bonding properties. But the use of cement alone is not sufficient for stabilizing (strengthening) clay, sandy and contaminated soils. Soils stabilized with cement become very hard, but as a result, the risk of cracking increases. When using the stabilizing cement additive StabilRoad® in an appropriate proportion to the volume of cement, cracking is reduced. This is due to the ability of StabilRoad® to increase the flexural strength of stabilized materials. StabilRoad® is by far the most advanced and innovative soil stabilizer and soil stabilization technology in the world. StabilRoad® is a whitish powder containing 100% natural minerals without the addition of synthetic chemicals. StabilRoad® technology was developed in Germany and has been used for almost 20 years in almost all climatic zones around the world.

Technology features

An important feature of the technology is that with the use of StabilRoad® additive and special technology, we can speed up the construction process, reduce the cost of work and achieve a durable, flexible, waterproof and frost-resistant surface. All of this can be achieved by using the basic building material of the local soil. The main advantage of the stabilization method is that there is no need to excavate local soil, its disposal and the import of new materials.

StabilRoad® technology consists of mixing existing soil (including old asphalt), StabilRoad® and cement (using Portland cement with a clinker content> 95%). StabilRoad® additive enhances the cement hydration process, in which the cement particles react with water to form a new bonded compound – cement stone. As a result of crystallization, a water-insoluble compound is formed that does not absorb water. An increase in the degree of cement hydration reduces the number of cracks caused by a decrease in volume, increases the elasticity of the stabilized material, compressive and tensile strength, the strengthened material becomes thermally and waterproof. A stabilized surface can be compared to concrete in its properties. Stabilization with StabilRoad® is used instead of base and frost protection layers. The surface stabilized with StabilRoad® can also work as a top coat on low-volume roads. Depending on the application, a protective layer (wear layer) may be required, for example in the form of an asphalt pavement.


StabilRoad® is a modern, innovative soil stabilization technology. The existing soil is treated with cement and a special additive. The resulting surface resists compression, tension, becomes waterproof and frost-resistant.


Stabilization is performed using existing soil mixed with cement and StabilRoad® additive. Unlike traditional road construction technology, it is no longer necessary to excavate and dispose of existing soil and then bring in new inert materials.

High quality

StabilRoad® quality assurance – 20 years of experience in use on several continents, in different climatic zones, on a wide variety of soil types. Quality control and supervision over the performance of work are carried out by Russian specialists at every stage according to German standards.

Areas of use

New roads

Existing roads


Wind parks





Terminals, warehouses

Contaminated soil

Contact engineer

Our engineers will conduct geotechnical surveys for you on the selected site planned for construction. The work includes soil analysis for the selection of an additive, a complete study of the conditions: soil and landscape conditions, available local building materials, water supply sources, calculation of cost-effective and optimal technical solutions.

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