Products of our partners

In addition to products under the StabilRoad trademark, we offer a number of products from our Partners, of which we are officially dealers in the North-West region of the Russian Federation:

Disinfectant “MIPOR” – produced by NPO STREAM.

Highly effective disinfectant – MIPOR antiseptic. “MIPOR” is a ready-to-use solution with a long-term antiviral and antimicrobial effect, designed to combat any harmful microorganisms. MIPOR is able to completely deactivate viruses (including COVID-19, influenza, ARVI, hepatitis, herpis, etc.), microbes, mold, fungi. “MIPOR” can be used both for mechanized processing of outdoor areas and spaces, surfaces outside and inside premises, and for direct processing of hand skin.

We are a dealer – the exclusive representative and distributor of MIPOR disinfectant in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. We are ready to carry out urgent and regular supplies of MIPOR in order to counter the spread of infectious diseases. We guarantee you the quality and efficiency of the MIPOR product, the reliability and speed of logistics, and the best price.

System of modifiers ACROPOL for strengthening and stabilizing soils for road construction – Production of NPO STREAM.

Soil properties modifiers AKROPOL GS for strengthening and stabilizing soils in road construction and for preventing soil erosion. The use of one or another modifier depends on the type of soil and the purpose of the object. All formulations are designed to maximize the use of local soil during the work.

– ACROPOL GS-M – Crystallizer of soil foundations based on compounds of alkaline earth metals and products of hydrothermal synthesis of silicic acid and amphoteric metals. Designed for the construction of roads of II-IV categories in various climatic zones. Significantly increases the strength of the road base.

– ACROPOL GS-A – a complex of active substances for stabilization, hydrophobization and conditioning of clay soils (sandy loam, loam, clay).

– ACROPOL GS-P is a polymer composite material with the addition of stabilizers and water repellents, soluble in water with the formation of a white paste emulsion.

– ACROPOL GS-E – polymer microemulsion (particle size less than 5 microns) with the addition of stabilizers and surfactants.

Contact engineer

Our engineers will conduct geotechnical surveys for you on the selected site planned for construction. The work includes soil analysis for the selection of an additive, a complete study of the conditions: soil and landscape conditions, available local building materials, water supply sources, calculation of cost-effective and optimal technical solutions.

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